PA PHCC member Jonathan Moyer and wife Sue provide plumbing and other services in Parika, Guyana

Jonathan getting ready to cut some tile
Jonathan getting ready to cut some tile.

In 2010, Jonathan Moyer and his wife (Sue) decided to become involved in missions. In February 2011, they arrived in a little village in Parika, Guyana.

Guyana is located in South America.

Jonathan served by putting a mini split system in the office on the YWAM base (Youth with a Mission).

They have continued returning to Parika each year to volunteer their services. Jonathan recently installed a water filtration system in the kitchen so they could stop buying all their drinking water.

Jonathan and Sue have just returned from an 11 day trip which included installing plumbing, tiling, painting and a roof on the new family staff house.

Their construction is very different than ours, no inspections and plumbing is ran on the outside walls. Sue has ministered in having Bible school for the children while they are there and she usually runs the paint crew, too.

“it’s a great feeling to help those less fortunate than ourselves.”

The weather is very hot never goes below 70 at night and 90 during the day with 100 % humidity. But as they bless the people of Guyana, Jonathan and Sue are blessed by their love and friendship to them.

Sue says “it’s a great feeling to help those less fortunate than ourselves.”

What a job well done!

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